Lawyer Krykbayev Amangeldy Sergazyuly

The representative of the SC "GROZNY and PARTNERS" in Kazakhstan
Krykbayev Amangeldy Sergazyuly

Krykbayev Amangeldy Sergazyuly

Basic information

  • Specialization: Lawyer, Lawyer for Business, Lawyer in civil cases, Criminal defense lawyer, Arbitration Lawyer, Family lawyer, Housing Lawyer
  • City: Astana
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Lawyer Krykbayev Amangeldy Sergazyuly (age 45).

Lawyer of the Bar Association of Nur-Sultan (Astana).

Has a license of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the right to practice law from August 24, 2004

The total experience of legal work is more than 20 years, while he has been practicing law for more than 15 years.

Prior to the bar, he had experience working in government agencies and state-owned enterprises, in private structures, and also engaged in teaching.

Has extensive experience in civil cases, related to providing assistance to individuals in various categories of cases: marital, family, inheritance, housing, property disputes, in particular related to real estate and motor transport, contesting transactions, as well as other cases. Cases of special proceedings for the establishment of facts of legal significance. In addition, he has good experience in participating in cases in economic courts on disputes between legal entities, as well as disputes between business entities and government agencies, including fiscal ones, experience in public procurement cases and bankruptcy (rehabilitation) cases of legal entities.

In criminal cases, he mainly specializes in economic cases, official and corruption crimes, cases about embezzlement and other crimes against property, has positive experience (acquittals) in cases of organized criminal groups, as well as in so-called "medical" cases (acquittal in 2018 in the case of a fatal patient).

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